Frequently Asked Questions

What does ARC stand for?

ARC stands for Access to Resources in the Community. It is a study assessing the impact of navigation support in enhancing patient access to health enabling resources (HERs) in their preferred language to address health and social needs.

Who is the lead for the ARC project?

The Nominated Principle Investigator of ARC is Dr. Simone Dahrouge. ARC has two teams: the RCT team and the COVID-19 team. Check out the teams here.

What does RCT mean?

RCT, or Randomized controlled trial, is a study in which people are allocated at random (by chance alone) to receive one of several clinical interventions.

What ARC projects have been done?

ARC has conducted several researches, including the feasibility study, the randomized control trial (RCT) and the current COVID-19 study. Check out the ARC Research Studies page to learn more about each study.

How was ARC created?

The idea for the project came from a team of researchers, health care providers, community groups and decision-makers, who met in 2015 to identify gaps in the Ottawa health system and one of the gaps identified was navigation of resources available

Who should I contact if I have a questions about ARC?

All questions can be directed to the ARC Research Assistant, Carolynn Warnet. She can be reached at or by clicking here