ARC Briefing Note (View Full Briefing Note)

Key Messages

The ARC Navigation Model is a service offered to primary care practices to support their patients in accessing health enabling community resources that address their needs and to fill a gap in the current health services structure. 


This service is:

  • Highly appreciated by patients

  • Easily integrated into primary care practices

  • Especially valued by providers working in non-interprofessional practices

The service has helped patients:

  • Overcome barriers to access

  • Reach the needed resource(s) (52% access)

The ARC Navigation Model should be more broadly evaluated, and in different contexts.

ARC Feasibility Report (View Full Report)

​Conclusions and next steps

  • The ARC Navigation model can be successfully integrated into primary care practices.

  • The ARC Navigation services are very well received by patients and highly valued to providers working in non-interprofessional practices.

  • Support from the ARC navigator removes access barriers and allows individuals to access services that help address their needs.

  • The most common reasons for not accessing the recommended community resources were outside the scope of the services provided by the navigator.

Essential elements of the navigation services include:

  • Use of a patient-centered approach that allows the navigator to understand the patient priorities and potential barriers to access

  • The trusting relationship established between the ARC navigator and the patient

  • The emotional support provided by the navigator which contributes to the trusting relationship